Fish Fingers, Mash And Peas

This is my default combination when the kids need a balanced meal. It can all be ready in 20 minutes, which is how long it takes to cook the fish fingers.

Chop the potatoes (leaving the skins on for the extra goodness and roughage) into small piece as they cook faster that way and then put them in boiling water.

Cook the peas in the microwave or in boiling water on the hob. Try using petit pois instead of garden peas as the younger peas taste much sweeter.

Cook the fish fingers according to the packet instructions and, when they are ready, cut them up so they won’t be too hot to eat.

Mash the potatoes, put the peas on the plate and serve.

TOP TIP: Try using cookie cutters to make fun shapes out of mashed potato. We have a flower-shaped cookie cutter which my son insists is a cloud so I sometimes make him mashed potato clouds. Simply push a spoonful of mash into the shape and then lift the cutter leaving the shaped mash on the plate.

NOTE that the mash can’t be too wet or this won’t work.

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